You never looked so good… as when you discovered your personal Fairy Godmother at 

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Costuming, Coaching & Character Crafter


Have a character you KNOW is in you, don't know how to put it all together?
Your personal Fairy Godmother will work with you from single layers to custom-crafted full ensemble.


New to Cosplay and ready to develop a character, learn the moves, or step up your game?
Your personal Fairy Godmother brings over 30-years' experience and knowledge, combined with humor and kindness to support you in the journey.

Character Gigs

Looking for a master storyteller for
corporate gigs, and workshops?
Your Personal Fairy Godmother can transform into anything! Popular characters are Gramma Tala from Maona, Cheng I Sao, and Fairy Godmother.


New to Cosplay?

Learn the first steps to creating a character, costume, and totally rocking Cosplay.

Jennifer Frandsen LookSewGood Costuming

Your Personal Fairy Godmother

Jennifer Frandsen, the creator of LookSewGood Costuming has spent a lifetime exploring the world and all of its wonderful people and what’s important to them. This love of people, combined with a flair for fashion and passion for theatre has combined to give her the skills to create cost-effective costumes and designs for film, theatre, live shows, as well as individuals.

Steampunk, Pirates, Renaissance and Medieval are some of her favorite genres to work in, but her true gift is in rising to any challenge, so she’s also created Afro-Steampunk, Steampunk Disney, and more!


A veteran of the US Navy, and stroke survivor, Jennifer has evolved into everyone’s favorite fairy godmother. Her mission is to spread little seeds of happiness wherever she goes.

When she’s not creating something new in her traveling studio, you’ll find her at Megacons and Renaissance festivals throughout the land.

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